KPMG Headquarters King Street Wharf 

This Grade ‘A Plus’ office tower at King Street Wharf bounded by Sussex, Erskine and Shelley Street was purpose designed, constructed and commissioned on the basis of a commitment by a major tenant to the building.

The KPMG building is an example of successful environmentally sustainable architecture. The building incorporates commercial office for the new KPMG premises with retail and exhibition spaces on ground floor. Building services were individually designed and selected to ensure an optimum level of quality and comfort for its occupants. Passive solar design integrates different shading profiles to reflect different expected heatloads to various parts of the building.

The first building in Sydney to achieve a 5.0 Star AGBR rating, the design addresses architectural and urban development requirements with environmentally sustainable design issues of thermal control, ventilation, acoustics, natural and artificial lighting.

10 Shelley Street KPMG - King Street Wharf    10 Shelley Street KPMG Facade

All works were completed prior to KPMG occupancy in December 2003, in advance of a pre-determined date set two years previously. The project was a recipient of the 2004 MBA Excellence in Construction Award for Commercial Buildings $80 million -$140 million.

KPMG Headquaters - 10 Shelley Street

Address: Shelley Street, King Street Wharf, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Typology: mid-rise commercial

Site Area: 6,830sqm

GFA: 34,430sqm

Ratings: AGBR: 5.0 stars

Awards: Bronze Award for Green Buildings, Francis Greenway Society 2003

Status: completed